Do What You Want
Fascinationg 15 minute documentary about neurologist Dr. John Kitchin, who abandoned the material life of a “typical institutionalized educated Western man” to become Slomo, an old guy skating in “in slow motion” up and down the Pacific Beach promenade in San Diego. In the video, I love how Slomo discusses ‘the zone,’ a feeling of connectedness that […]
Love in the Modern Age
You’ve probably heard of  a movie called Her starring Joaquin Phoenix that’s getting a bit of Oscar buzz. It’s about a guy that falls in love with an operating system. Sounds crazy. Or…maybe not so crazy. Creator’s Project has produced a mini-documentary about Her, called Love in the Modern Age, that explores audience reactions to the movie, as well the […]
Ira Glass on Creative Work
Saw some footage of Ira Glass talking about the process of developing one’s creative work. Super candid and inspiring. He point-blank states that if he’s pretty great at what he does (and he is), it’s because it took him a long time and a lot of effort to achieve excellence. The great image comes from Brother Teresa […]
Hold your Breath and Dive Deep
People are capable of incredible things. Felix Baumgartner’s / Red Bull’s highly publicized jump from 24 miles above Earth was one such feat. Another, that I just saw, is what Guillaume Nery recently did at Dean’s Blue Hole. Nery, who is a world champion free diver, basically takes a breath, walks to the (underwater) edge of the hole, and dives in […]
Mr Brand on the State of the World
A few years ago, I had no clue who Russell Brand was. Now, I’ve seen him give multiple interviews and am, frankly, astounded by how versatile his brain is. Watch this video, which is a montage of his interviews over the past year, and let me know what you think. I find him to be […]
10 Tips to Manage the Ups and Downs of Life
A new article in MBG that I just wrote… Some days you’re up. You’re in tune with the universe, your life is flowing, and the present moment makes sense. And other days you’re down. You might be in an emotional funk—because you’re tired, you received bad news, or maybe you just can’t access your sense of […]