MYK LIKES: A New Project

Posted by: Myk Likhov

In brief, I’ve never found a well-curated set of events in Miami, so this is my attempt at making one. Monthly. The exercise is as follows…I’m going to post around 10 really cool events and activities per month in Miami that I think are great. We’re not talking silly parties on North Bay Road or over-PR’d Audi events at Morgans Group Hotels. We’re talking about fun activities, significant cultural events, and fundamentally worthwhile experiences that you should know about (but probably don’t have the time to research). The topics I’m looking to to cover are:

This is an experiement, so we’ll see how it goes. Without further adieu, here are the events I recommend for January with all the relevant links:

I’ll be adding a blog and most likely a newsletter to support this new project. Let me know what I missed and also if you find this useful. Thx!

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