Emotional Equations by Chip Conely

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What a great video. I love the way Chip thinks–he has the ability to break concepts down into their small components and then tell a story with them. This book just hit the NYT Bestseller list a few days ago, so you’re hearing about it first.

I’ve got a story personal story about Chip. I’ve had three almost-encounters with him in my life. The first time, I was 22, jobless and an friend gave me Chip’s number to contact about working for his hotel group Joie de Vivre. I had no idea who he was, and unfortunately, I never called. Instead, I jumped on a plane to Moscow, where I spent the next 2 years of my life. The SECOND time I sat next to him on a ferry boat heading to a private island during Summit at Sea last April. I was too exhausted (read hung over) to strike up a conversation, another opportunity missed. The THIRD and last time was when I took a teleconference-course with Chip through En*Theos Academy, and as he was virtually calling on my virtually raised hand (Mick…I heard him say, reading my name phonetically), I dropped the call. I’m not making this sh*t up. And now, I have a bit of a regret issue about the whole thing. Well, he’s got an equation for that:

Regret = Disappointment + Responsibility

I’ve missed 3 shots to interact with this guy who who I have a lot in common with. He started an uber-successful lifestyle company out of HBS at 26 and I started a relatively successful lifestyle company out of Wharton at 27…there should have been some pretty deep stuff to discuss, right?

What I get from Chip’s equation is that if either my disappointment, or feeling of responsibility, is decreased, so will my regret go down. I have to say, living and partying it up in Russia for a few years before getting my MBA was NOT a terrible situation, so I can’t really be disappointed about that. And the phone call dropping, totally not my fault (thanks AT&T). The boat situation, that one was lame, I’ll admit. But it actually ok. I mean, I’ve run into this guy 3 times already, there’s going to be a 4th (that makes me feel less disappointed).

For the record, my regret level was like a 5 before I started writing this. It’s down maybe to a 4 now. It’s a start.

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