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Taken from DaniMarket’s blog:

When working from home, distractions range from Real Housewife Marathons, to frequent visits to the refrigerator, to viral YouTube shares, and OCD cleaning frenzies…anything to avoid getting down to business. My saving grace: coffeeshops in Williamsburg, Billyburg to me. Here are some of my favorites:


1. El Beit 158 Bedford, Brooklyn, NY

Coffee: A+. I love this place. The coffee is consistently amazing.

Workspace: C. The space here is a bit uncomfortable and not necessarily conducive to doing work. They have Wi-Fi, but the tables are kind of small and they have limited outlets.

Staff: B. Typical hipster baristas completely uninterested in establishing a relationship with customers. Not rude, just indifferent, albeit part of the Williamsburg charm… Pun intended. (Eye-roll).

Playlist: C. Very random, and sometimes Nirvana is too aggressive for 8 AM.

Additional Comments: This place has the MOST AMAZING croissants EVER. Their other pastries are tasty, but the croissants are freaking RIDICULOUS. They are super flaky on the outside, and moist and buttery on the inside…a little taste of Paris (and heaven) every time I go to El Beit.

2. MODCA Eatey Cafe 103 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY

Coffee: A+. These are the same owners as El Beit, so you get same premium quality of coffee.

Workspace: A+. A hangout and workplace for writers and creative-types, MODCA has a giant communal table, dimmed lighting, Wi-Fi, and plenty of seating perfect for setting up shop.

Staff: A+. Staff here actually smiles- nice to know they’re human. Baristas are super knowledgeable and doesn’t make you feel like an idiot when you ask what a cortado is.

Playlist: B-. Everything from Aaliyah to Classical music. Never know what to expect.

Additional comments: Great meeting spot, workspace, and the same croissants from El Beit. Enough said.

3. Black Brick 300 Bedford, Brooklyn, NY

Coffee: A+. Great coffee.

Workspace: A+. Great ambience and spacious workspace. Decor is superb.

Staff: A+. Super friendly staff. Truly feels like a neighborhood joint.

Additional comments: So this is a brand new coffeeshop in the hood and they did an amazing job at making this place look vintage-chic. Customers at Black Brick are the best-looking coffeeshop crowd I’ve seen in the Burg. The only downside: no pastries sold here.


4. Toby’s Estate 125 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Coffee: A+. Outstanding coffee and miscellaneous products sold here.

Workspace: B. Beautiful, bright, and expansive space. More of a hangout than a workspace- outlets are limited and tables aren’t so spacious.

Decor: A++. I have nothing to say about the staff here because they really didn’t make an impression. The decor, however, is pretty unbelievable. This coffeeshop looks like it came out of a spread in Architectural Digest. Truly impressive.

Playlist: A+. Sick playlist…Didn’t want to leave. Think: The XX Pandora Station.

Additional comments: New kid on the block, Tobey’s Estate is a cute place for a coffee date or even a meeting. The huge windows let a lot of light into the shop, but in the afternoon the sun can make you feel like you’re roasting in there. Sadly, the windows don’t seem to open to the street- a bit of a buzzkill during spring and summer months.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee 160 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY

Coffee: A++. Truly artisan coffee. They roast their beans on the premises and you can actually see the roasting operation. Excellent quality.

Workspace: B. Definitely not our favorite coffice, but certainly an experience. Better for a meet-up or quick coffee. The counter seats facing the street are the most valuable real-estate here, especially during the warmer months when the windows open up completely.

Staff: C. Hipster-condescention at its best. If you’re unfamiliar with this phenomenon, check out this video:

Additional Comments: A total Billyburg MUST.

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