The Smallest Sculptures in the Universe

Posted by: Myk Likhov

One of the craziest, most incredible things I’ve ever seen. Willard Wigan, a self taught sculptor, carves statues that fit into the eye of a needle. He does this by hand, looking into a microscope, using self-made tools. And they’re sick, amazing, and incredible.

Not only is his story enthralling…he started building apartments for ants at age 5 as a form of escapism, but he actually has a mission. Willard wants to “show the world that the little things can be the biggest things.” F*ing cool, if you ask me.

Beyond the coolness factor, and the unbelievablilty factor, I’m hyper-curious about the spiritual nature of his work. Because it’s clear that it IS a spiritual practice. From his site,  “Willard enters a meditative state in which his heartbeat is slowed, allowing him to reduce hand tremors and sculpt between pulse beats. Even the reverberation caused by outside traffic can affect Willard’s work.” He basically goes into trance (master yogi-like) to get his work done. I would LOVE to talk to him about that.

Other cool trivia about Willard is that he sold his life’swork to an investor for $20M and charges hundreds of thousands for each mini-statue to admirers like HRH (Queen Elizabeth), Prince Charles, Elton John, Lord Bath (whose son happens to be an old pal of mine) and Simon Cowell. Willard was Knighted for his extraordinary talent.

What. A. Guy. Here is a TED talk in case this post has piqued your interest.


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