Graphite Hand Sculpture

Posted by: Myk Likhov

As a part of my #lyks, I’m going to feature unexpected, non-commerical products–obviously things that I have bought, or aspire to buy. Today, I’m obsessed with this hand sculpture from Batle Studio. Here’s the story from the site:

In 1998, Sculptor Agelio Batle developed a process to create sculptures in solid graphite. Initially, he created his own hand, and then other natural forms followed.

This Drawing Hand is both a poetic metaphor and a functioning drawing tool; all of its surfaces can write. Committed to making art from materials that are part of daily experience, this work was made by casting a child’s hand to create the object before you.

Drawing Hand suggests that our own hands have the innate capacity to be creative instruments. An object full of innocence, desire, pleasure and human potential, it invites you to access your imagination and discover its infinite possibilities.

What I can tell you is that this hand-pencil-sculture is f*ing cool. At $80, it’s going to make a great gift for a certain sculptor.

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