The WHY vs. The Birdhouse

Posted by: Myk Likhov

Years ago, I stumbled on something that I wanted. Very rarely do I fall in love with a ‘thing.’ For that to happen, I have to find something beautiful, soulful, and that possesses a purpose in which I find utility.

I wrote about this object in the first iteration of my writing/curation efforts, on a blog called Vitruvian Mind for those of you who knew me when…and it was, to this day, my favorite thing (or #lyk) that I shared with my friends.

What I found was a boat. It was called the WHY (Wally Hermes Yacht)–which I took not as a question, but an answer. I found the WHY through its concept video , and oh god, it was beautiful. A yacht. A castle. A floating island. If you were going to desire something in this world, this was worthy of wanting. In the past few years, the project has proceeded and you can see images of the boat here.

OK, I think you got that. Well, TODAY, I saw another thing, another PLACE, that I want. This time, it’s a house. A bit more obvious, more standard, but it also resonated with me in an unusual way. The house is called the Birdview, and it’s a property in Malibu, California. I kind of freaked out when I saw it–because it reminded me of the WHY (due to the water views, the glass, and the seclusion). I want it too. Check out the gallery of images of THIS beauty.

I simply wanted to share these two unbelievable homes. Because to me, that’s what they are–places of beauty and utility where I would find huge joy in living. And I suppose it makes sense that I get incredibly excited about visualizing an ideal HOME. I’m so transient that the idea of a home (and it’s accoutrements love, joy, and stability) is about as seductive as it gets.

It’s clear that both of these places are aspirational to the highest degree. My question to you is… if you were asked to choose one or the other, which would you pick?

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