I’ve just restarted this blog, so I can journal and share my ideas. My interests range from personal growth to design, and from artificial intelligence to art. The intersecting thread running through the site is my personality. Which you may or may not find interesting ;).

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Thx! ~Myk (2/10/15)

I’ll keep it brief.

I spend time between Miami, Asheville, and NYC.

I’m a finance guy yogi creative, and have been working with start-ups over the past 4 years.

Just this year, I’ve started a brand called Modern OM and joined my friend Jen in running her company Jennifer Grace Enterprises.

Back in the day, I took an idea from an astrologer and turned it into a yoga business called Green Monkey. I built into the largest and most recognizable yoga chain in South Florida.

My MBA’s from Wharton and my undergrad from UCLA.

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